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Who we are:

Over Reality Comics produces original online 3d comics.

Our original characters are featured in a vast array of universes: From the traditional superhero comics, to stories set in worlds of fantasy or also more brutal, fighting focused comics, and even manga inspired sceneries.

The issues of each universe are updated regularly, with new universes being added from time to time as a way to enrich our library.


How to buy our comics:

Go to store. There you will find the available issues of each “universe”. Under the cover of the issues are the descriptions (such as page number, price, etc), and a paypal button. By clicking the purchase button you will be able to buy the selected comic. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation we will send your purchased comic (in PDF and also in JPG format) to your e-mail.






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Services Overview

We offer a vast library of 3D original comics for all tastes. From the classical superhero comics, to fighting stories and fantastic adventures.