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The Night Rose: In an age where the seas are ruled by the violence of the pirates and the lands suffer with the tyranny of vicious monarchs, a woman decides to fight for revenge. As the former heir of a wronged noble family, she takes the mantle of the vigilante known as The Night Rose.


Supra Animas: Men and women imbued with beyond belief powers share the world with common people. Some seek to understand their new condition. Others put their gift in use to make the world a better place. But there are those who seeks chaos and domination…


Red Punch: Combats of every kind. This universe encompasses from one shot stories to short run serializations, all involving the premise of combat. From martial arts tournaments, to heroes facing all kinds of enemies in the name of an ideal.



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We offer a vast library of 3D original comics for all tastes. From the classical superhero comics, to fighting stories and fantastic adventures.